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måndag 1 december 2014

Ebolavirus virittää monosyytit palvelukseen, mutta ei mene niihin ensisijassa sisään , HLH- kaltaista tilaa?

Tulee mieleen  "akuutti monosyyttileukemia"- Ebolan suhde monosyyteihin, niiten rekrytoimiseen on ylläolevassa artikkelissa. Muta tässä aola ensin otan vertauskohdaksi histiosytoosin ja siten katson missä ebola eroaa  alalolevasta histiosytoosityypistä.

 Myös  Lintuvirus H5N1 pahimmillaan voi aiheuttaa erään sortin HLH , hemofagosyyttistä lymfohistiosytoosin kaltaista tilaa  Samoin muut virukset.

Minkälainen se on? http://www.bloodjournal.org/content/118/15/4041?sso-checked=true

Wikipedia kertoo  lyhyesti: mm:

 Malignant histiocytosisa Malignant histiocytosis (also known as "Histiocytic medullary reticulosis"[1]:744) is a rare hereditary disease ....characterized by histiocytic infiltration of the lungs and lymph nodes. The liver, spleen, and central nervous system can also be affected. Histiocytes are a component of the immune system that proliferate abnormally in this disease. In addition to its importance in veterinary medicine, the condition is also important in human pathology.[2]
Histiocytic disorders...
A histiocyte is a differentiated tissue cell that has its origin in the bone marrow. The source for histiocytes is the monocyte/macrophage line. Monocytes (found in the blood) and macrophages (found in tissue) are responsible for phagocytosis (ingestion) of foreign material in the body. Langerhans cells are dendritic cells found in the skin and function by internalizing antigens (foreign particles) and presenting them to T cells. They arise from monocytes.[3] Histiocytic disorders refer to diseases that are caused by abnormal behavior of these cells. They include the following:...

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