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måndag 12 december 2016

raportit H5N8

A H5N8  HPAI lintuinfluenssa todettu seuraavissa  linnuissa Ruotsissa
naurulokki  2 kpl 30.11. 2019
harmaalokki  2 kpl.  2.12. 2016
merikotka  29.11.  2016.
OIE_raportin mukaan nykyinen A H5N8 lintuinfluenssa alkoi ilmetä Suomessa  marraskuun lopulla  25.11. 2016 ja johti heti suojatoimenpiteisiin.

Exceptional epidemiological events
Year :2016

These countries have submitted the following immediate notifications to OIE in response to epidemiologically significant events. Click on an event to find more information
Summary Report Country Date of Notification Disease Reason for notification Disease manifestation Outbreaks Date resolved
Finland 15/01/2016 Brucellosis (Brucella suis) First occurrence in the country
3 See incidence page from 05/02/2016
Finland 25/11/2016 Highly path. avian influenza First occurrence in the country
2 Continuing
Finland 17/05/2016 Rabbit haemorrhagic disease First occurrence in the country
1 See incidence page from 25/05/2016

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