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fredag 11 november 2016

300 Zika-virustapausta Espanjassa

The latest cases are 13 patients, who traveled to countries affected by the disease, the Ministry of Health added.

The health authorities confirmed in July the first birth in Spain of a baby with microcephaly and other malformations. The mother was infected with Zika virus and dengue during a trip to Latin America.

In addition, the Ministry of Health announced on July 1st the case of a woman, who was infected with Zika virus by her sexual partner, who made a trip to Latin America. This was the first case of sexual transmission of the virus in Spain.

Of the 300 confirmed cases of Zika virus, 41 are women who were pregnant when they took the test.

The autonomous communities of Catalonia and Madrid have registered most of the cases, with 117 and 68 people infected, respectively.


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