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måndag 12 mars 2018

TRIM77 on nuorin jäsen ihmisgenomin TRIMgeeneissä, joita alkaa olla lähes 100.


Kromosomi 11  on TRIMgeenievoluutiossa tärkeä allas. Viruksilla on oma tiheä  evoluutiotahtinsa, muta kädellisillä kuten myös ihmisellä nämä TRIMgeenit voivat myös antaa evolutionaalista apua antiviraaliin puolustukseen aikojen kuluessa.
 A dynamic clade of TRIM genes in the human genome.
(A) 31 human paralogs were identified that group into a single phylogenetic clade. Seven of them have already been annotated with standard TRIM genes names (TRIM48, TRIM51, TRIM77, TRIM49, TRIM53, TRIM64, and TRIM43), including the four genes that were originally being investigated here (bold type). The rest are predicted genes that have been given temporary names reflecting their phylogenetic subclades (i.e. “A1”). Subclades of genes are color-coded for naming purposes. Pink boxes indicate TRIM genes located on chromosome 2, all other genes are on chromosome 11. The neighbor joining tree was based on an alignment of the predicted coding regions. Bootstrap values are shown for both neighbor joining and maximum likelihood methods (NJ/ML). Nodes are collapsed where support by both methods is <75 31="" at="" b="" branching="" case="" different="" em="" genomic="" in="" indicated="" methods="" node="" of="" one="" only="" orders="" positions="" subclade="" the="" these="" two="" yield="">TRIM
genes are illustrated, according to the hg19 human genome assembly. Pentagons represent TRIM genes, with strand orientation designated by the direction of the symbol. The color of the gene symbol reflects the phylogenetic subclade to which the gene belongs (according to the tree in panel A). Green and yellow bars indicate two apparent inverted segmental duplication events. The segmental duplication at the chromosome 11 centromere actually spans the centromere [38], and is therefore likely to be substantially longer than the 310 kilobases indicated.

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