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onsdag 15 oktober 2014

EBOV virus mimics "an senescent cell" ( with PtdSer) needing apoptosis, PtdSer = "Find me and eat me!"-signal


TIM-1 is the T- cell  receptor for PtdSer = The senescent  cell  gives to T-Cell   a message:  "Find me and eat me". T Cell begins to  make a program  and execute  it.
 So T Cell system  also begin to  give messages among immune system cells  (Cell mediated immunity,)     for this silent  cleaning up  among  tissue cells:  called apoptosis, which  is  a.programmed cell death without inflammation 

When Ebola gives  that kind of  signals  PtdSer , T-Cells are thus utterly distracted and loses the important timing and  exactness.  When Ebola  virus is budding,   the membrane is shedding microvesicles  with microparticles: There  are  many   PtdSer  in those  particles. They  not only distract  T-Cells but  cause coagulopathia, even DIC, because  TF  also  is found in microparticles.

 EBOV   is faking   by apoptosis mimicry.

Look :E.g.   Activated Thrombocyte  uses PtdSer: expression on their surface  as a potent tool  in  thrombogenesis.  But  then  the individual platelet is  soon going to disappear.
 For example, platelets (particularly activated platelets) accelerate coagulation by providing a negatively charged phosphatidylserine- (PS-) rich membrane surface that enhances the generation of thrombin, which converts fibrinogen (Fg) to fibrin [16, 17].

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